i-ludus Consulting, online gaming consultancy. Offers internet gaming strategy & advice to companies looking to develop online gambling businesses, specialising in online bingo       
Rigorous marketing planning is an essential component of good business management, particularly in online gaming, but it is rarely easy to implement. i-ludus Consulting provides clients with a clear strategic marketing framework upon which to develop effective campaigns and activity.

i-ludus Consulting will create a comprehensive plan that covers the fundamentals of marketing and details how to efficiently obtain new customers, while getting MORE from your existing players.

Elements to consider include;
Target market identification
Market segmentation
Competition analysis
Pricing strategies
Search engine optimisation
CRM strategy
Performance analysis
Website architecture and content

Your Online Media can be planned, bought and implemented by i-ludus Consulting. Working with you to clearly define your ideal target customers and to develop a comprehensive strategy to attract them, i-ludus Consulting will identify the best advertising means to achieve your campaign goals. Regular contact is kept with all of the key sites that you would need to advertise on to promote your site, obtaining better-than-ratecard prices for you, as well as guaranteed ROI deals at selected sites.



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