i-ludus Consulting, online gaming consultancy. Offers internet gaming strategy & advice to companies looking to develop online gambling businesses, specialising in online bingo       
The significant benefits of online bingo experience, as well as a fresh perspective and impartiality, are key to the service offered by i-ludus Consulting. Such insight enables the undertaking of an objective and effective analysis of any online bingo business proposal. This allows a clear review of business opportunities & issues and the opportunity to formulate viable recommendations based on in-depth industry knowledge.

The services offered by i-ludus Consulting divide into four broad areas;

Business Strategy - To provide clients with a clear, strategic insight upon which to develop an effective and profitable online bingo offering.>>

Marketing Planning & Implementation - To provide clients with the means to ensure that online bingo projects can be marketed and undertaken effectively.>>

Project Management - To provide specialist management skills and experience to a project or problem, which may not be available in-house; either working alongside the existing team or on a project management basis. The flexibility provided by consultancy contracts means that projects can be undertaken, or particular problems addressed, without the long-term commitments, costs and training inherent in hiring permanent staff.

Media Buying Services - To assist clients in sourcing the best, and most cost-effective, online media solutions to deliver ROI and quality, valuable online bingo players.



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