i-ludus Consulting, online gaming consultancy. Offers internet gaming strategy & advice to companies looking to develop online gambling businesses, specialising in online bingo       
Strategic Assessment and Planning with the fresh perspective and impartiality of consultancy services, enables an objective review of your online gaming business problems and issues, and to make clear, useable recommendations. In simple terms, assisting you to form a clear business plan with specific, achievable goals.

A detailed evaluation of a company's current situation, leading to the development of plans to help ensure that it has an effective, coherent and achievable mission, strategy and tactics for future success.

i-ludus Consulting can analyse all aspects of your business to evaluate your strategic advantages and how best to promote them.

Specifically this includes;
Online Bingo market analysis
Current situation review and analysis
Gaming software review and analysis
Business planning
Projections and modelling
Marketing, promotional and CRM planning and strategy
Website architecture and content



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